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How frequently are your products baked? To ensure freshness, we make our products to order.

How long do your products keep? Our gluten-free and vegan products differ slightly from typical baked goods because we use no preservatives or highly processed ingredients. While each product is somewhat different, we recommend consuming our baked goods as quickly as possible to ensure maximum freshness and flavor. Since air will naturally dry out our baked goods over time, keeping them in air-tight containers at cool temperatures will extend the freshness for a day or two. Or you may slice, wrap and freeze our bread, cakes, and cookies.

Can I place a special order? Absolutely! Please call at least two weeks in advance when ordering cakes and large quantities (such as cupcakes, cookies, and muffins).

Do you deliver? Currently, we deliver within the state of New Jersey. Visit our online store for a list of delivery fees.


Do you ship?  Yes, we ship nation wide starting a $10.

Where are your baked goods prepared and packaged? We make all our products in our dedicated commercial gluten-free kitchen and since we are a registered CFO (cottage food operation) our kitchen has been stripped down to the studs and rebuilt so that it is a dedicated gluten-free space. All equipment and prep services are thoroughly cleaned, rinsed, and sanitized before we begin production.

Are you kosher? Not at present.

What if I don't have any food allergies? Many are the health benefits of avoiding traditional bakery ingredients. Refined, bleached flours and sugar wreak havoc on your insulin levels, zap your energy and cause you to become addicted. The butter, dairy, and eggs from animals exposed to hormones and antibiotics can cause increased mucous production, inflammation in the body, and digestive difficulties. The impact on your body of eating such products over time can be potentially detrimental. However, you feel better when you're eating a healthier version of your favorite treats.

What gluten-free flours do you use? We use a variety of flours, including freshly milled millet, sorghum, amaranth, buckwheat, and teff flour. We also use almond and coconut flour. Our GF starch is arrowroot flour.

What kind of sweeteners do you use?  We use all-natural, low-glycemic, unprocessed sweeteners for our products, such as coconut sugar, evaporated pure cane juice, raw sugar, pure maple syrup, and honey. Disclaimer: Although all of our sweeteners are known to be healthful, low-glycemic alternatives for those with diabetes, they may not be safe for everyone. Please consult with your physician to determine whether you should enjoy our baked goods. We never use artificial sweeteners in our products.

What kind of oils do you use? We choose to use organic European-style butter made from the milk of pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free cows, organic unrefined organic coconut oil, and organic extra virgin olive oil.

Do you use any genetically modified ingredients (GMOs)? Our baked goods do not contain genetically modified ingredients.

Allergy Information: Our menu changes with the seasonal availability of ingredients to create allergy-friendly treats for everyone. Our mission is to create a healthy healing product that makes you feel good inside and out. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate every allergy. Therefore we encourage you to check all ingredients to ensure safe consumption.


What if I'm allergic to soy and dairy? No worries! We do not use any ingredients containing soy. However, some of our purveyors may process soy in their facility. Therefore, there may be trace amounts of soy. It is up to the consumer to decide what they feel is safe consumption. We do not use dairy in our recipes; we use coconut milk instead.


Are your products corn-free? Yes! Our baked goods are corn-free. We make our baking powder using baking soda, arrowroot flour, and cream of tartar. And we also use vanilla extract made with alcohol derived from sugar cane and xanthan gum which is corn-free.


Are your products nut free? Our baked goods are not nut free. We use tree nuts such as almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, etc., and coconut products, but do not use peanuts. In addition, we use grains that we mill ourselves in small batches, as needed. However, the packaging for the grains may contain traces of almond and hazelnut flour. We recommend you use your discretion if you are highly allergic to tree nuts.

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